Vitreo Retinal Department

The retina is the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of the inner eye. It acts like the film in a camera. Images come through the eye's lens and are focused on the retina. The retina then converts these images to electric signals and sends them via the optic nerve to the brain. The retina is normally red due to its rich blood supply. If the ophthalmologist sees any changes in the color or appearance of the retina, it may indicate a disease. Anyone who experiences changes in sharpness or color perception, flashes of lights, floaters, or distortion in vision should get a retinal examination.

KBHB Eye Hospital’s Vitreo Retina Clinic is managed by team of well trained and experienced Ophthalmologists in specialized retinal examinations and surgery along with the experienced clinical team. The department is fully equipped & facilities are comparable to the best in Mumbai. The most common diseases handled in the clinic are namely diabetic retinopathy, proliferative retino-pathies, age related macular degeneration, choroidal neovascular membrances, other macular dystrophies, degenerations, Retinopathy of Prematurity, uveitis, vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachments, Trauma, and many others.


  • Fundus Camera with Fundus Fluorescein Angiography facilities (FFA)
  • Ultrasonography A & B scan. Red and Green Retinal lasers enable us to perform all types of lasers, be it for proliferative diseases, retinal breaks & lattices or for retinopathy of prematurity.
  • We also do Diode Cyclophotocoagulation
  • The operation theatre is well equipped with operating microscope, high speed Vitrectomy machine, White LED light source with fluid gas exchange, retinal laser and wide angled surgical viewing system
  • High definition spectral domain Optical Coherence Tomography OCT (Fourier Domain Optovue OCT)
  • OCT is the state –of-art diagnostic tool useful in Age related Macular degeneration, Diabetic & Hypertensive retinopathies. Apart from retina, it is also useful in Glaucoma & Corneal diseases.
  • The Vitreo - retina OPD is fully equipped with Wireless Indirect Ophthalmoscope with 20D Lens as well as the 78D & 90D lenses for Slit Lamp Bio-microscopy of the macula.
  • The Operation Theatre has a high end microscope with X-Y coupling dedicated to Retina along with a high speed Vitrectomy machine with upto 3000 cuts per minute.
  • FGE machine with LED white light source, cryopexy unit & Intraocular micro instruments.
  • Wide angled viewing system for immaculate viewing during surgeries. This enables us to perform all sorts of Retinal Surgeries like Scleral Buckles, simple and complex vitrectomies with or without the use of tamponading agents.
  • We are also doing the latest “no stitch” vitrectomies using the 23 Gauge vitrectomy set
  • We have the support of the Low Vision Aid Clinic for maximizing vision for macular degeneration and hereditary disorders.


  • Laser   
  • Avastin Injection  
  • Surgery

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