Low Vision

Low Vision (Sight enhancement and vision rehabilitation Center)

The Department of Low Vision is doing very good work in the procurement and dispensing of optical and non-optical visual devices. This service was started more than 7 year back. Seeing the response, this service is extended for all days. We have now a full time optometrist dedicated to the contact lens clinic and low vision center.

Contact Lens Clinic

Our newly developed contact lens department provides a full range of contact lens service. Patient has to go through the stages of contact lens evaluation, trial assessment and dispensing of lens where we teach handling, care and maintenance of lens.

OUR THYROID CLINIC is being run with the association of the thyroid specialists at Sion Hospital. We have been able to treat medically and surgically more than 100 such patients. These patients required surgical decompression for treating optic nerve compression which would otherwise have resulted in blindness.

Services Available:

Conventional and disposable soft contact lens
Rigid gas permeable lens for high astigmatism
Soft Toric lenses for astigmatism
Lenses for keratoconus
Prosthetic contact lenses for corneal opacity, aniridia
Tinted contact lenses for color blind
Bifocal and monovision contact lenses for presbyopes
Bandage contact lenses for therapeutic purpose